Solar-Active-Houses: The New Construction Trend

No other energy source compares to the energy potential of sunshine. Solar power in clean and limitless so it doesn’t come as a surprise to see it making its way into the construction industry.┬áSolar energy is the most abundant energy source on the planet, by far.

Most of us know how irritating it is to pay for domestic hot water and space heating and then find out at the end of the year that you still owe money. This wouldn’t happen to you if you lived in one of the 1700 solar houses dotted around Germany, Switzerland and Austria. These houses are heated primarily using solar energy: Solar thermal collectors on the roof are used to heat water, which is stored in a large tank and used later for heating the house and providing hot water. Since these houses have excellent insulation, that takes care of some 60% of their heat demand.

Solar houses are a viable alternative to passive houses, which rely solely on very strong insulation and a ventilation system that recovers and redistributes heat.Solar is expected to continue booming. In the U.S., it might even double each year up to 2020 (under the right policy scenario):


Solar houses still have their share of challenges to overcome but are certainly on the rise and will largely affect the construction industry.


Construction workers wanting to stay in the loop wouldn’t regret spending some time training in this field to supply the growing demand of this new, eco-friendly trend. Electrical companies are already on top of it as their trade is closely related to solar.

Concerns like global warming and air pollution have triggered massive growth in the solar energy industry and, as consumers are becoming more conscious of the environment, demand will continue to grow.


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